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We teach the Moy Yat Ving Tsun (pronounced “Wing Chun”) Kung Fu system. Ving Tsun Kung Fu passed through seven generations of Grandmasters until Yip Man became the eighth generation Grandmaster. Yip Man taught in Hong Kong from 1949-1972. Among his famous students are Bruce Lee, Wong Sheung Leung, Moy Bing Wah, Moy Yat, Ip Chun, Ip Ching and Ma Po.


Moy Yat was one of Yip Man's closest students and whose name our school proudly bears. Grandmaster Moy Yat taught in Chinatown, NY when he came to America and one of his closest students, Moy Tung opened the first Ving Tsun school in Richmond, VA in 1986. Sifu Tim Lee began his training directly under Grandmaster Moy Tung in 1994 and has been dedicated to the system ever since.


Sifu Tim Lee carries on the traditions as taught through the generations and maintained by Grandmaster Moy Tung. The way of Martial Arts is about self defense, good health, self improvement and improving one’s community. 


From day one, students train the Ving Tsun chain punch (Yat Ji Chung Choi). This is the one technique that characterizes and represents the Ving Tsun System.


You will become more confident on the street, at home and in the workplace, because you know you can take care of yourself in any situation against anyone of any size. Ving Tsun teaches principles of kung fu that can be applied in any number of situations and that have proven effective for over 400 years.


We teach the complete Ving Tsun Kung Fu System to honorable people who can use their skill and strength to protect life and help the good of humanity.

Wing Chun Ving Tsun Kung Fu Milwaukee Waukesha Martial Arts
Wing Chun Ving Tsun Kung Fu Milwaukee Waukesha Martial Arts

Introductory lesson. This non-obligatory lesson will include an overview of Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu, including forms, drills, strikes and 2-person exercises. You will participate in class and train with other students so you can determine for yourself whether Ving Tsun Kung Fu is right for you.

Introductory lessons are $20.00 click here  to schedule your introductory lesson. 


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